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The Turkish Orienteering Federation is proud to welcome the most elite orienteers to join us in Stage 1 of the World Cup in 2014. Orienteering in Turkey has progressed at a unique pace throughout its short history and is now recognized as one of the popular countries for high-level orienteering events with its very versatile and challenging terrain.

Antalya in particular offers a choice of terrain ranging from sand dunes with small bushes challenging visibility to pine forests with steep hills challenging endurance. Antalya has hosted 3 WRE events up to now, and is now preparing to host the 2013 Orienteering Cup for the Confederation of Orienteering Federations of the Mediterranean Countries (COMOF) next year.

Antalya welcomes you to witness the famous historical sites nearby and combine orienteering with some tourism with a unique chance of swimming and sunbathing in February!